Lopez Island Part 1

Been tossing around ideas in my head for the past few days about what I am going to write about from my trip last week.  I had an amazing opportunity to spend four days on Lopez Island in the San Juans.  The San Juans are a group of about 450 islands and rocks in the Pugest Sound in Washington state.  Usually when blogging about trips I write up a little post and add a few pictures each night in my hotel room.  Lopez Island’s only hotel didn’t have wifi…or cell service…or very many television channels on their minuscule tv sets.  Instead I got to look at this outside the room’s large picture window.

I could write a book about the fantastic things I saw last week.  But this is a blog, so instead I will make this a two part picture blog.  Kinda like when you had to sit through the slide show from the missionaries who would visit your church, but I won’t ask you for money.  However, if you’re offering…

I was told the islands have a much more laid back way of life.  The first parking place we pulled into proved this.

Volunteering with biologists means you are always observing the poo you come across.  This particular poo was fuzzy from the rain forest type climate, I suppose.  I wonder how many little kids try and pet it.

A major tourist must see is the whales.  We sat and looked at the water for hours over a four day period, and never saw one.  Apparently they were there last night.

This made me laugh for no good reason.

When I saw this boat, I immediately wondered where its bottle went.

When you get off the ferry boat (the only way to access the island) you are greeted by soda machines that reflect the culture.  Yup.  Granola crunching hippie Coke machines.

We’ll call that day one.  Tomorrow I will show you actual nature filled beautiful photos.

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4 Responses to Lopez Island Part 1

  1. Jeff says:

    That poop is nasty. That sunset is crazy awesome!

  2. Jason says:

    That first picture is amazingly beautiful.
    ANGER NO LIMBING? Sounds like a bad translation. 🙂

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