Impatiently Waiting for Hole

Heard awhile ago that Courtney Love was going for it again with her band Hole.  Except she is the only returning member as she has most likely scared off the original posse.  I did love me some Celebrity Skin in the 90’s. Love is a scary specimen,  but her raspy voice is strangely soothing.  This one’s got the same sorta sound.  It may only be the nostalgia junkie in me, but I assume I’ll be putting at least a few songs from the new album on my play list.

Is this the end of the 80’s craze and the beginning of the grunge revival?  Or has it already started and I am just one step behind?  I have heard the term ‘neo-grunge’ thrown around in recent days.  Either way, I’m digging the flannels out of storage.

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5 Responses to Impatiently Waiting for Hole

  1. berdorules says:

    I’m still waiting for a newly discovered, unreleased Nirvana album. If Tupac can release albums after his death, so can Kurt.

    I can only pray for a grunge revival. I’m playing my 90’s albums to death.

  2. Amy says:

    The only thing I won’t like about a 90’s revival is little girls bastardizing the way we used to dress. And the day Miley records a grunge cover song. Okay, that’s two things.

    Does this mean we’re old?

  3. DJ D says:

    Live Through This was the first CD I ever bought. I loved Hole back in the day. A grunge revival would be awesome. I’m super jazzed that Soundgarden is actually back together and doing some summer shows. Of course they won’t be playing anywhere near me, but I just like the thought of them back together. If only I could have seen Alice In Chains back when Layne was still alive.

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