I’ve attempted to write this blog a couple dozen times since entering the title six days ago. How do I write it without sounding like a whiny baby?  The Max goes off to school at 7:30 each morning and is gone until almost 4:00 in the afternoon.  All of that time, I am alone. The first week was great. The dishes and laundry were started right away and then I was off trying to find a job or exploring the towns nearest to me.

However now, while I am not flat broke, I am down enough in funds that I fear spending money. Gas and groceries are my only monetary outlet. I found a job, it does not start for a couple weeks. I have been searching for other jobs, mostly for my own amusement, in the mean time. Most of the jobs I am not qualified for, I only figure I am doing something

Quite a bit of time last week was spent staring at the computer screen hitting refresh on facebook as though something wonderful might appear if I waited five more minutes. My ambition to whip the house into shape was stalled and my chores dwindled down to doing dishes once a day.

I need a kick to the face. That sounds painful.

Yesterday, we climbed the highest peak behind the house. It took a little over and hour, it would have taken 45 minutes if I were in better shape. On the way we saw thirty deer or more. Coyote poo was everywhere. We climbed on rocks and found pack rat nests. At the highest point there was snow on the ground and I could see my breath. Looking out towards the towns, I saw a few houses, apple orchards, and mountains all around me.

Here’s a deer, holding its ears out and staring right at me.

Top of what will be known as Mount Pilver…as soon as I make the flag. I cannot believe this is LITERALLY my backyard.

In the past month I have come across black widows, bats, coyotes, owls, deer, and even a scorpion. (AHHH!) My eyes have not seen a single sky scraper, taxi, or friend (other than relatives).

I miss so much from Minnesota.   I left a lot of wonderful people. I left a fun and decent paying job.  I know I can have that here as well.  I guess even changes that you hoped for take  time getting used to. Here’s to embracing it!

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8 Responses to Isolation

  1. StupidMath says:

    We’ll hang again soon, my friend. Love your attitude!

  2. Guise says:

    You need to become a soothsayer or something and get a mythology behind you, forcing people to quest to your doorstep where you will give out sage advice and cookies. Chocolate chip fortune cookies of awesomeness.

    If you really miss skyscrapers, just remember Seattle in June (as if you could forget).

  3. Amy says:

    Oh my god it’s so gorgeous. I understand feeling weird out there though… You’re used to chatting with a hundred different people every single day.

    You could teach yourself an instrument so you can join Erik’s band?

  4. oshea12566 says:

    I am very jealous. Any land for sale near you?

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