Relocation Adventure Days 3-5

Been slacking on internet time.  I really don’t have much of it now.  I guess that’s alright though it is going to take some getting used to.

Days 3 and 4 were like days one and two without major hang-ups.  We drove farther, though there was plenty of snow and wind until the last three hundred miles of the 1600 mile journey.  The only real hard times were driving that Uhaul with trailer down snowy mountain passes.  I don’t ever want to do that again.

About 4pm on day 4 we arrived at our new home.  It was a majestic moment.  I swear I could hear angels singing. I’d woken up at 330 in the morning that day and got moving right then.  After a long day of driving I was ready to relax.

I ought to explain the destination a bit better at this point.  Our new home is a log cabin on a mountain side.  The cabin is not done being built, but livable.  There’s a chicken coop about thiry feet on one side and a pasture on the other side where hopefully someday soon a bison will be roaming around and getting fat so I can eat him.  and out front is a large garden where I am going to chase little critters out of when they try and eat my crops.  It’s a hobby farm.  It’s a 180 from where I was a year ago living on the busiest street over boutiques and restaurants in Minnesota.

Our first morning started and we climbed the mountain behind the cabin.  My legs burned every step.  At the stop you can see one peak higher that the first and one more peak higher behind that.  I wanna get myself into good enough shape that  can whistle while I easily get to the top of that third tower.  After the hike we ate chicken eggs that were still warm from being layed.  Max really digs finding eggs.

My next goal is to get a kitten, maybe two.  After so many years of apartments and rental houses I can finally have a little tiny fluffball.  Oh, and I should probably find a job too.

As soon as I get into a town with the laptop, I am going to upload the video I took of when one of the chickens snuck in the house.  We are having a really good time 🙂

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10 Responses to Relocation Adventure Days 3-5

  1. Amy says:

    Aaaaaah, I am so jealous! And I’m so glad you still have some internet.

  2. Kati says:

    I am so glad to hear that you made it safely. I loved reading your blogs, you should write books. Next time you guys come this way make time ot stop and visit, please. I would love to meet Max and have him meet our girls. We have two Brooklynn is 10 and Brystol is four. Like I said before I am glad to hear you and Max made the trip safe and sound. You and Erick sound happy and we are looking forward to recieving the safe the date card. Take care and tell Erick that Sam and I say “Hi”!

  3. oshea12566 says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound. Please…more pics!! Is your blog going to turn into a farming blog??

  4. Berdo says:

    Wow. Walking the walk is so much cooler than talking the talk. Good luck with your new place!!!

  5. DJ D says:

    Man, I’m jealous. Nice to know you got there in one piece. I drove in snow for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know that I ever want to do it again.

    • Amy says:

      My comment below is to DJ D driving in snow. After he’s told me for like three months now awesome snow is and how lucky I am. Again, ha-ha.

  6. Amy says:

    Nelson-style “ha-ha.”

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