BEST #8 – Best cheat for N Card Game in Mario 3

Took this from

I bought my Wii mostly for this 8-bit game and have since geeked out plenty looking up stuff online to help assist me in rescuing that princess who can’t keep herself out of trouble.

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7 Responses to BEST #8 – Best cheat for N Card Game in Mario 3

  1. GMZ2 says:

    Thank you for this beautiful Topic

  2. Nathan says:

    Also, if you use your first turn to flip over C2 and C3, you can then know which of the eight sets you’re dealing with, with one exception. If the cards are Flower and Star, then flip over A1 to know which of the two possible sets you have.

  3. MinecraftWarrior 20 12 says:

    Write more about Mario crap YOU LAZY!!!!!

  4. MinecraftWarrior 20 12 says:

    Sorry…….just lazy man, good job I have nes also and beat Mario 3.

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