BEST #4 – Best Guilty Pleasures

7. U2

I don’t know why.  Maybe because I threw myself at the band for the better part of my Jr High and High school days.  Then they made Pop.  I liked Pop, but it wasn’t U2 at their finest.  But since then even, I’ve loved every album they make and cringe when I hear jabs made at Bono.

6. The Biggest Loser

This one is on my mind today…the new season starts in one hour.   I always end up crying when I watch this show.  Tuesdays in our house are Biggest Loser/Kleenex nights.  We like it that way.  (Max actually hates it, but having it on to bother him is a parental right).

5. Farmville

It seemed like everyone I knew was asking me to be their neighbor on Farmville.  I was annoyed and finally blocked the app.  This facebook app has more users than Twitter, or so I read.  I spend a good half hour a day fertilizing my friends crops, plowing and harvesting my own, and virtually ‘petting’ various barnyard animals.  I swear when I get my own garden, I will cease this 2D glorious addictive online treat, but not one second earlier.

4. Rum and Coke

I don’t love many drinks to a point where I would drink them for taste alone.  Except for rum and cokes.  This isn’t a fancy or expensive drink, but I limit the amount of times I drink them, because I always drink more than I want to when I indulge in the Capt.  (possibly because of the caffeine, making me not fall asleep as other drinks do after one or two?)  And, we all know that leads to haiku texting.

3.  Clueless

That is a great movie.

2.  Russel Crowe

He’s got a terrible temper.

1. Moving

I want to find a place where I will stay for years and years.  This will hopefully be someplace where the Max can bring his kids and drop them off for the weekend and I will spoil them rotten and show them the patch in the wall where their father made a hole when he was practicing hockey in his bedroom.  At the same time, I love to move.  It’s a whole new adventure and to me, it’s like a vacation for at least the first few months.  You meet new people, find new favorite stores and coffee shops.  And I have been relatively nomadic for the past sixteen years.  I guess when I settle I will have to take more road trips 🙂

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8 Responses to BEST #4 – Best Guilty Pleasures

  1. kristiane says:

    PS add Mel Gibson next to Russel Crowe.

  2. Amy says:

    Mel Gibson gives me the heebs like Alec Baldwin does to you, haha. We are even now.

  3. DJ D says:

    Rum and coke has been hugely responsible for every phone call I’ve ever made to you. I really gotta stop doing that.

    I don’t think U2 should be considered a guilty pleasure. I love U2 with no shame at all. I’m just trying to pretend Pop never happened.

    Don’t care for Russel Crowe at all. You know who else I don’t like? Phillip Seymore Hoffman. I think he’s the shittiest, most overrated actor out there. I just don’t get what the big deal is. I’d say he’s the male version of Megan Fox, (without the looks of course) but I will admit he might have a smidge more talent than her. I guess I have to turn in my guy card though, because I really don’t see what the big deal is about her at all. I mean she’s not THAT attractive. She looks like a dirty stripper, and not at all in a good way.

    But I’ll let you have any of this. I really like The Gilmore Girls, so I can’t say anything.

  4. berdorules says:

    I never get tired of Maximus kicking ass.

    I would love to see a buddy movie with Russel Crowe and Mel Gibson. Tango and Cash 2?

  5. Guise says:

    Rum and Coke is wonderous, especially if its using Havana Club. A friend of mine introduced me to it when I decided that I honestly don’t like the taste of beer or lager. Though I find anything that mixes well with soda is fine with me.

    I thought you were holding Max responsible for the farm, KB? You know, it being all his fault you had one, not annnnny of your choice.

    I agree with Deej about U2 too, it is no way anything to be guilty of. Now, if the Cheeky Girls or Fast Food Rockers were your pleasure, you’d be guilty and convicted…

    …as for moving, how is that scheming getting along?

    • kristiane says:

      Max was the one who started it, but he got bored quick and all the plants wilted. So I decided to do it for him, and got hooked.

      Scheming is going almost too well. I ought to be a citizen of another state by March 1st at the latest!

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