Top 7 Stupid New Years Resolutions That I Have

I think NY’s resolutions are dumb.  I have quit bad habits and started good ones before many times.  Never being on the back of the first of the year, they just come when they come.  But I figured I should write some just to feel festive.  Two Thousand and Ten, you look purty.

7. Throw out some of my old high school clothes.

Fact:  I spent all of my hard earned minimum wages in high school on clothing.   Fact:  I probably dressed fairly trendy for a kid in the nineties.  Fact:  I cannot grow for some reason, so I still fit into all those clothes.  If I dressed in these nowadays, it would probably be akin to someone in 1999 sporting a great pair of acid wash jeans and belly football jersey.   Bottom line, I need to toss the pleather Airwalks and massive amount of Delia*s cataloug clothing that I never, ever wear.

6. Take an ‘electronic’ break.

I spent a week in the sticks last summer.  I had no internet, cell service, or even regular old dial phone.   I didn’t actually think about it much as I was busy chasing chickens and the like.  But now, I am always with the iphone which allows me twitter, facebook, texts, AIM, skype, and once in awhile I make a real phone call.  If it’s here, I am going to use it.   But maybe I’ll make it so it cannot be here for a week or so once again.

5. Stop drinking soda.

I stopped a few years ago.   I  developed a taste for bubbles once again.  I never thought soda was the devil and I still indulged now and then.  But my sometimes 2 cans a day now,  is kinda gross.  This morning I woke up at 4:30, and being as the coffee was taking too long I cracked open a can of cherry coke.  I got heartburn for breakfast.

4. Get a job that does not hurt my back.

Would be easier if I bothered to finish my last year of college…

3. Fly in a plane

Up until I was 24, I could fly anywhere without thinking about it…at all.  Nothing about it bothered me.  Then I took a flight without Max, and I basically lost it.  I kind of wish I had a video of myself on that flight (which was one of those where even the flight attendants freaked a bit).  I was quite literally the worst passenger on the plane at that moment.  After that I flew a half a dozen more times, but I was a wreck the entire time.  So I just decided to quit flying.  That was four years ago.  I’m determined to get over that.

2. Do Something with

It’s nothing.  It has been nothing other than a placeholder or a link to this blog since I bought it almost four years ago.

1.  Listen to Top 40 radio

For the past five years maybe, I’ve read the articles telling me the top however-many-songs from the previous year.  I usually recognize one or two.    It’s not that I don’t listening to popular music that bothers me, it’s that I never hear new music.  I need to fix that.

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6 Responses to Top 7 Stupid New Years Resolutions That I Have

  1. Guise says:

    I feel I must insist that if you are going to throw out your old clothes that you must MUST provide a display of the most embarrassing ensembles you own.

    …and as for, I still need to work out what I’m doing with my blog too. Probably going to start a new project in 2010 seperate from the main one, cos I totally lack focus there.

  2. Amy says:

    I loved the 90’s. Keep your clothes and let’s bring it all back in style. Oh my lord, the 90’s to kids now is equivalent to what the 70’s were to us in the 90’s…

    My resolutions are to have fun and enjoy 2010. That is all. I have not one good memory of this entire sucky year. This year it’s going to be do this and do that, instead of stop doing x and stop doing y.

    • Guise says:

      One of my biggest regrets is that it wasn’t until the early 90s that I got to see 80s fashions, then they were gone for 90s fashions which disappeared soon after. I never got to dress like a character from Miami Vice, Saved by the Bell or anything from Nick’s golden days.

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