Photo Scavenger Hunt

My guess is that today was the most gorgeous day Minnesota will see this fall.  It was about 65 degrees and pretty sunny and I had to get outside and enjoy the crap out of it.  So, I presented the Max with a folded up piece of paper which stated:

This is your mission:  You must take pictures of the following items.  If you choose to complete this mission you will be greatly rewarded.

Luckily he bit.  We drove downtown Minneapolis and wandered around for about three hours, looking for the random items on the list (a traffic light, a neon sign, a bridge etc.).

His reward?  It was a toy he has been salivating over for months.  Though, I made him use some of his saved allowance and tooth fairy money towards the cost of the prize.

Here’s a few pictures of our adventure.


We headed first to the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Museum.  There are signs just about everywhere telling the guests not to climb on the statues.

012Max and the spoon bridge.

033And, here’s my child looking less than enthused.

OK, none of these pictures are items from the scavenger hunt list.  But showing you the picture Max decided would pass as sufficient to mark off the “tall building” requirement would be a fuzzy blur on your computer screen.   I also took a bunch of great shots with my camera that still requires film.  Someday I will get them developed.

P.S. I was fully planning on doing the blog for a month thing as the novel sounds really scary.  But I have flipped flopped my status on this issue and have dug up old web documents from two years ago when I only made it 6785 words into the 50000 word goal.  I’m going for it again.  But my goal is the end of December.  And if I only double my six thousand plus pages I will be satisfied ;).    In other words.  I may not blog a ton this month, or next.

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1 Response to Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Sarah says:

    this blog entry made my day! So cute! I expect a letter from Max soon!

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