The 00’s

I am early, but I want to stay ahead of the trends.  The decade is ending…whoa!  It’s just a measurement of time we are reflecting.  As we do every ten years since mass media has been in existence, we sit and asses the past and try to sum it up.  Wait for it, 2000-2010 will be critiqued, analyzed, mystified even on TV specials, blogs, articles and radio specials for the month of December in probably the hugest way imaginable.  Let’s be honest, it was a good ten years.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Though it happened in the ninth month of 2001, the attacks that happened September 11th will be the focal separation between the 1990’s and the new millennium.  While no doubt, that was possibly the Big Splash headline of the decade (in the US) nowadays, how much is different in YOUR daily life.  If you fly daily, you will certainly note than you must take off your shoes and not have an accompaniment to the airline gate.  But other than that…eh…my life is the same.  In no way am I downgrading the loss of lives or the wars overseas to being insignificant.

The second thing that will be heavily weighed on is the advancement of technology.  In 2000, DVD players were still pretty new.  The internet was a insane phenomena with billionaires cropping up and later fizzling.  Cell phones were nothing like they are now.  There was a federal decision as to what TV’s would work in the US.  So, thing-a-ma-jigs went high tech this decade.  The only justification, the only needed advancement, for 2010-2020 is to have me finally be able to drive a car in the sky…   I have no fear.  2015, no doubt.  Marty McFly told me so.


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3 Responses to The 00’s

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have been waiting for the flying cars and skateboards myself. I was sure it would’ve happened by now. But, Marty did tell us 2015 so just gotta wait this one out!

  2. Will says:

    I just want his auto-lacing shoes and self drying jacket with the cool voice.
    “Jacket dry”

  3. Sarah says:

    I am still going to say “two-thousand” in the year. None of this “twenty” crap.

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