Wanna hear me whine?

Excellent. I was hoping you would continue reading!  I have not been sick  (REALLY sick where I was not just calling into work because I skipped out on sleeping) in four years.  I swear this is true.  I was thinking I must have developed some sort of super-power.  I mean, everyone gets sick now and then.   I seemed to be immune to every cold, flu, and infection going around.


But now, I am almost sick.  My temperature is running  at about 99.8.  (Guise you will have to use a conversion chart to see what that means.)  I don’t feel great, but if I went to bed I would get bored and get right back up.   This is so much worse than an actual full blown flu and/or cold.  If I had the junk all the way, I would lie in bed, moan, and desire the pity of all my friends and family members who phoned to check in.  Or if I were well, I would spend the weekend at a couple museums and have fantastic photos to wow you all.

Instead I am going to be sitting here, evaluating every body ache and stomach rumble determining if I am heading towards sickness or health.  Maybe next week, if whatever this is has not  passed, I will try one of those detox diets.  I’ll yak for sure then.

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6 Responses to Wanna hear me whine?

  1. DJ D says:

    Here’s hoping you get better soon. I was sick recently for the first time in years and it was not. fun. at. all.

    Maybe you can be rescued by a creepy little boy in a top hat.

  2. kristiane says:

    I shall buy The Max a top hat.

  3. Get better soon!

    For some reason, the image of The Max in a top hat reminds me of Prof. Layton…

  4. Guise says:

    Feel better soon, I’ve been off for a week and still feel rough as a badgers behind, even had the government issued anti-virals for the s-word flu. Gotta go back this week for a job interview.

    Thing I most hated was an entire week and no concentration to write stuff. Good thing Matt returned and YouTube exists.

  5. DJ D says:

    I don’t think I even want to know why Guise is so familiar with the amount of roughness of a badger’s behind.

    Here’s hoping all you sickies and potential sickies get well soon.

  6. kittymao says:

    Indeed, being almost-sick sucks.

    being a contract worker, I have to evaluate how sick i am- becuase I don’t get sick days.
    I say to myself-
    am I sick enough to not drive to work?
    Am I physically ill enough to not work from home today?

    And even if I’m too ill to work from home, I have to bust my ass when I feel better to make up the hours.

    now THAT sux.

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