Diesel Pepsi

Early this morning an Amtrak train rested itself in St. Paul.  I fell off the train and located my super kind friend who drove me home.  Two weeks of family reunions and family vacations halted today.  Amazingly I’m not too tired, though the idea that in twenty-four hours I’ll be serving eggs to hungry yuppies again kills my soul just a bit.

Vacation was great.  Outstanding.  Near perfect.  For the first time since I started blogging, I did not have internet while on vacation.  Most of the time I did not even have cell phone service.  I barely missed it.  Spent a lot of time in the sticks.  I have tons of pictures and blogs in queue.  I’m gonna start with something that requires little brain power because though as I said, I’m not really tired, I do still feel like I am on a train and the  false swaying my body is experiencing is making sitting still more than difficult.

So, let’s talk about Pepsi.  Let’s talk about a gas station on the north end of town in Wenatchee, Washington.  This gas station was brought to you by the letter R the number 3 and The Pepsi Cola Co.  No lie, you could not look anywhere on the property without the red and blue soda begging for your attention.

pepsi 1

pepsi 2

pepsi 3

washington 2009 139

There were ads for the beverage everywhere.  They really want you to drink Pepsi.  We stopped by after the store was closed, so they could not provide us with the tasty drink…no…wait…

pepsi machineNow this was not a service station/get your car fixed type of gas station.  I’ve seen soda machines on the outsides of those in plenty of places.  This convenient store is special.  They will let you have your Pepsi 24/7/365.

Why did we stop?  Why did we visit a clearly closed gas station late at night?  Cause it may be the only location on this planet serving a variety of Pepsi that none other has the guts.

diedel pepsi

Great gas mileage.  Refreshing.  Toxic.  Diesel Pepsi.

Next blog I’m gonna show you all the poo I found!

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7 Responses to Diesel Pepsi

  1. Jeff says:

    Diesel Pepsi followed by poo? Can’t wait! LOL Seriously, I love your vacation posts and look forward to them!

  2. Hazard says:

    It’s nice to see the old Pepsi logo. I despise the new one for an unknown reason.

  3. Erik says:

    You forgot to tell about how the pepsi machine costs a quarter if you insert a dollar bill, but the price (and if you’re even gonna get one) is undetermined if you insert quarters. The Diesel Pepsi is nice becuase you can fill up a 100 gallon tank in just a few minutes!

  4. DJ D says:

    The mystery is solved. We’ve finally discovered the accelerant that was involved in the Michael Jackson hair fire of ’84.

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