Breast Feeding Doll?

Bebe Gloton

A Spanish toymaker came out with a new ‘toy’ for little girls. Now they can, uh, practice? Supposedly the product is meant to encourage the idea of breastfeeding. I can understand this, but are there better methods for the lack of natural food for infants?

There’s dolls that burp, pee, eat and everything else. Why does this doll receive so much attention? (Google it, you’ll see what I mean)

I am certain that when I was a kid, it would not have been a present I would have wanted to open in front of my cousins on Christmas morning. Does this make me prude? I dunno. It’s that line of wanting to have girls realize what their bodies are capable of while at the same time, not wanting them to rush at their mature sexuality.

So, would you buy it for your child?

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7 Responses to Breast Feeding Doll?

  1. DJ D says:

    Wow. I’ll be spending the rest of the week trying to get that image out of my head. I’m sorry, but that’s just about 45 kinds of wrong.

  2. Guise says:

    As a toy, I’m not so sure – I don’t necessarily think it overly sexualises, considering the top is quite conservative in design. Considering some of the other things marketed to girls the same age, this is quite tame.

    As an educational toy for when schools do that parenthood class, it’s quite a nifty addition. Maybe they could make a version for when people apply for breeding licenses that when the doll suckles, tweaks the nipple underneath.

  3. Amy says:

    It’s only a problem because when men hear “breast” they think “boobies.”

    That picture is creepy in context, but if one didn’t know what the box said, it would just look like she’s cradling her baby doll. I’m sure the doll doesn’t latch on and start sucking. Right?

    I was never allowed dolls that were even remotely anatomically correct. My mom painted fingernail polish “swimsuits” onto our Ken dolls’ bumps. I remember going to a friend’s house where her little boy baby doll had a pee-pee, and it blew my mind.

    • Guise says:

      Amy, that’s a totally unfair statement about men. It’s not hearing ‘breasts’ that makes us think ‘boobies’, we’re not that shallow or simple, it just so happens that we tend to think about ‘boobies’ at a time that coincides with the utterance of ‘breasts’.

      The doll should have magnetic lips to latch on, the little flower petal protrusions should have to be filled with liquid and the doll should require burping and projectile vomiting. It’d be like girls getting a secret weapon in super-soaker wars. “You think she’s just cradling? No, little Susie is reloading! Headshot FTW!”

  4. DJ D says:

    Ken dolls have bumps?

  5. ohSHANAP! says:

    dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hahahaha.

  6. chuchi says:

    The Bebe Gloton ( breastfeeding doll ) is available on ebay and Amazon.

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