Work Pics

I am working far more than usual lately. I am also preparing for company, from out of town. This means I should unpack. Here’s some pics from my really suburb job to count as a post for the silly blog-every-day thing I maybe should have not thought to do.

f bomb

When you sign in for your shift, there is a note to the employees who work at the restaurant.   The note usually says something like, “Remember the upcoming meeting” or “Tell your tables about today’s special.”   This is the current note.

odd shit

The person who wrote the eff bomb note is very organized.  All her drawers have listed on them what they contain.  This is one of the drawers.


The Lions Club (the people who sell packages of mints) are in town for a convention.  There are 20,000 club members milling around downtown Minneapolis.  Today, that held a parade.  It last OVER FOUR HOURS.  We were quite slow during the parade, so I walked outside to see the sight.   Here’s the clog wearing Lions.

Mitch OmerThis, is my boss.  He is a brilliant chef who obsesses over Hell, hence the name of the restaurant.


Someone came and made balloon animals here the other week.  I don’t think they were asked to, they just did.  The bartender modified this balloon poodle.

Until Monday, my posts may be sparse.   I will be too busy laughing and catching up.

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6 Responses to Work Pics

  1. DJ D says:

    I wish I could work at a place that was that fun. Having fun at work really makes all the difference. I’ve worked at incredibly fun places and at places that made me want to burn the building down if I had to stay in there one more minute.

    Speaking of signs, at the last place I worked someone put up signs with diagrams in the men’s bathroom that showed the proper way to put on a toilet paper roll so that the paper was over instead of under. The cleaning ladies always put it under and it bugged everyone.

    Actually, right now I wish I could just work at ANY place. This unemployment thing is for the birds.

  2. Amy says:

    That’s a funny note. Your job seems so entertaining and wacky. My job’s so the opposite.

  3. Will says:

    I’m pretty sure you work at the coolest restaurant I have ever seen.

  4. kittymao says:

    that balloon poodle is way gangsta.

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