[The Pilver] Comment:

I started this blog almost two years ago.  I wanted to write, because I enjoy writing and the blog I had over at MySpace didn’t feel real enough.   Now, when I post a blog, someone may comment on it, and then I get an email with the subject “[The Pilver] Comment:”. You can call it entirely selfish and vain, but comments are so dang much fun.   I’m going to post some of my favorite and/or some I thought were witty.

i will embrace them in my heart…but probably not in public.

Amy from Who’s Gonna Embrace NKOTB this time?

I think you just invented a new fetish.

DJD from Optimus Prime Vlog

The fact that 3 sisters from the outside world showed up in this tiny town didn’t go entirely unnoticed by the locals. I got a 0 out of 10 for the “class participation score” in that biology class, and I think it was because I spent most of the time during lecture twisting around in my chair so I could talk to the new girl. I never really thought about it from her perspective — we must have all come across as such wierdo hicks. That’s why it’s so funny to come across this blog entry 10 years later… so what are the other 250 things you did to stay amused?

Daven from Things I did in HS to amuse me #251

Your 4th of July story = Your dad is my new favorite person in the world.

The next time I have to lead a bunch of sweaty men into a bloody battle against overwhelming odds with our liberty at stake (a problem I’m faced with more often than you’d probably imagine), I want your dad there yelling for us.


tg from Top 7 Holidays

I’d rather Santa was drunk with a coat on than sober with that rediculous sweater.

keywork from Santa Lost his Coat

Kristiane #1.

Matt from 2008 (It’s not what he said…it’s that it was MATT)

If I ever get a dog, it’s sooooo going to have a MySpace page…or a blog.

essaytch from Pets

doe like a deer
hoe like the garden tool
poe like the teletubby
key like the thing that goes in locks

now really fast and upbeat.

dohopoki from Peeps Ice Cream

Okay, That took forever.  I didn’t read about 75% of them.  My point?  Thanks to everyone who comments and shows me that people actually come here without searching for a picture of a hundred dollar bill or a centipede.  (Seriously, I get hundreds of hits daily based on those google searches.)

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5 Responses to [The Pilver] Comment:

  1. tg says:

    100% true story…I am not making this up at all:

    I’m reading this blog, and as I’m reading I’m scrolling down slowly, so I don’t really see the names attached to the comments. And I’m reading the one about your dad, and I’m thinking, “Heh heh, that’s kind of funny, and very true,” and then I scroll down and am surprised to see that I wrote it. And no lie, I have absolutely no memory of writing that.

    So, in conclusion, O.J. totally killed those people. I don’t care what any jury says.

  2. kittymao says:

    I love reading my commets, it reminds me that someone is reading… and the fact they read soemthing cool enough to leave one? gnarliness.

  3. DJ D says:

    Aw, I’m flattered to have made the final cut. Does this mean I have 2 years to come up with something equally as clever?

    Although, I don’t think anything could beat do-ho-po-ki’s. May he rest in peace, wherever he is.

  4. Amy says:

    Doe, hoe, poe, key. Too bad saying it three times doesn’t make him appear, right? In this age of instant everything it irks me that we can’t force his presence. Oh, but this was about comments… yeah, I still get giddy when I hear “Summertime,” but don’t tell anyone.

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