Instant Gratification

The information age is an widely expressed term, and accurate.  IMDB is an app secured on the front page of my iPhone.  The logical reason is scanning the Trivia page after or during every movie I watch.  Sick, isn’t it?  If I have a question about anything I can Wiki it.  If the need comes that I must find out the whereabouts of an old friend I can often find them on facebook, if not, googleing still serves it’s purpose.  Nothing is long waited for in 2009.  Well, except I still cannot find James Madison, who I knew since pre-school and was a pen-pal of mine until I turned twenty.  There’s a lot of that name out there.  [NOTE:  James Madison of Mrs. Helmsteddar’s morning Kindergarten…call me.]

Today I was driving to work.  I was humming Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. It was one of those moments where the song was stuck, but I could not get past a certain point of the melody.  Usually if I get a song stick up in my brain I hate it.  This time, I needed to hear the rest of the lyrics…NOW!  Stalled in stupid traffic, I had plenty of time to fire up the iPhone, load the itunes store and pay 99 cents and listen to the whole song.  I love that song.  I love that I was instantly gratified.  I hope I don’t make a habit of morning commute song purchases,.  Ninety-nine cents is not a huge fee.  If I did it everytime I was thinking of a song, I could go broke.

And so you don’t go  buy it, have a listen:

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4 Responses to Instant Gratification

  1. Thom says:

    I love IMDB. It has been one of my most visited websites since 1999. It’s great when someone (usually my dad or brother) argues with me about an actor in a movie… I can say “No, he wasn’t in that you’re thinking of ___.”

    In addendum, I felt the same way when I discovered btjunkie and linux.

  2. Amy says:

    I know exactly what you mean. So much. One of my favorite time killers is finding out whatever happened to so-and-so. Yesterday found an old boyfriend and was amused to see that he still works at the strip club that grew between us. What a winner.

  3. Guise says:

    I got the reputation of a stalker because in my old job on fraud I could track down so many of the people we were looking for in just a few web searches. I try to avoid it with people I like and know, cos that just feels weird (even though I know where most of the ‘little circle’ live down to the house number).

  4. kittymao says:

    I am an unfortunate soul that doesn’t need the internet becuase I’m a mental sponge. I love to learn and I seem to never forget anything.
    Someone actually told me yesterday that I was like a walking, living Google.

    unfortunately… I can tell you that the guy that was the “Native American” dood in Dream Quest was also the dood Molly Ringwald was after in 16 Candles, but can’t remember where I left my glasses.

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