Conan’s Super Mario Set

I’m being lazy…found this on and thought it was kinda neat.  Here’ the link to the actual post, as I hate not giving credit where it’s due.

There’s a little theory that Conan’s set background is inspired from Nintendo game scenes.  Take a look:

conan 1

If in fact, some set designer is a complete geek and this is legit, which is seems to be, but who knows what those crazy kids are doing nowadays with their photoshop, that was kinda cool.

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6 Responses to Conan’s Super Mario Set

  1. kristiane says:

    I am going to acknowledge that the last paragraph is a run on sentence with the worst grammar ever. But I don’t wanna fix it.

  2. Ooh, rebellious. You’re taking on The Man…which happens to be you.

    I saw this earlier today, and it’s simply awesome. The “geekish set designer” is probably Pierre Bernard, who created the “Recliner of Rage” segments where he spouts his nerd rage. Seriously, his first segment was him being pissed that adult swim took off Cowboy Bebop and replaced it with Case Closed (aka Detective Conan) because its awesome theme song was the only thing to make him peacefully fall asleep at night. He was seen last night with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

  3. Rob H. says:

    That picture is great. It combines 2 of my favorite things, Conan and Mario. There is no way it is real but it is funny.

  4. Hazard says:

    cool. i love mario games.

  5. Bad Pants says:

    I vote real…it’s just to similar not to have AT LEAST been inspired by Mario.

  6. kristiane says:

    I read a couple other articles on this. One stating that the head honchos at NIntendo are flattered, and not upset about this. I guess that leads me to believe that is in fact, real. I base that on supposing if it was not, their answer would have been more along the lines of…it’s not real.

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