First Day: A Temperary Mistake?

Day one was a hoot. For the first time ever I semi-permanently dyed my whole head of hair hot pink. Beginning when I was 15 during the Kool-Aid hair dye craze of the 1990s, I started dying my hair different shades. I always picked only a section of my hair, and I always left the dye on about half the time reccomended. I do this about two or three times a year and the color only lasts a couple weeks, give or take.

Yesterday I was visiting with an old friend who never allows his natural hue to show. We decided to drive over to a beautician supply store and get some Manic Panic called “HOT HOT PINK” I went home and saturated all my my locks for a good fifteen minutes OVER the max recommended dye time. Now I look like a piece of bubble gum. I like it. I am just curious how long it’s gonna last and how many parent teacher conferences I have to go to looking like this. Also, I got some on my ear. My ear is pink.


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3 Responses to First Day: A Temperary Mistake?

  1. stephanie says:

    i love it! what color is the jess mans hair?

  2. Amy says:

    It looks yummy! Do you have to coordinate your clothes to your hair now though?

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