Groundhog Day is Weird but not THAT Weird.

I enjoy Groundhog Day. I enjoy it as much as one possibly can without actually doing anything whatsoever different on the day it falls. Well, I do repeatedly tune in on February 2nd and see what that crazy little rat says about the weather. Absurdity of the event aside, it’s just good clean stupid fun.

On this site I have mentioned many times the roadside attractions I love. In my quest for new and exciting statues to pose in front of for the camera, I always come across postings for insane festivals and events. People make up the wackiest celebrations. I am convinced they are all just an excuse to be allowed to drink in public. Let me show you a bit of what I am talking about.

St. Stupid’s Day

saint-stupids-dayNot really sure what they are celebrating. I am judging from the write up that it’s the stupidity of mankind? Either way, they advertise the $2 beer. So far, my hypothesis of excuses to drink is valid.

Outhouse Classic


I dunno, it doesn’t really look like an outhouse. I mean there’s the crapper, but…whatever. These folks push the toilets in a race. It’s weird. Where does one come across an extra toilet to use in the race? I have never had an “extra” lying around. Do you?

O. Henry Pun-Off

pun-offSo, the Ur-Anus toilet guys could enter this contest. Groaning seems to be encouraged.

International Water Tasting

watertastinglogoSeriously. They drink and judge water and then give prizes to the best, uh…water.

Oh, I mock these celebrations, but guaranteed, if they were in my hometown I would relish the excitement they bring annually.

Secret: When I lived in Oroville, my dad entered me and my two sisters the Apple Bin Boat Regatta. You turn an apple bin into a boat and race it, if that was not already self-explanatory. There are three awards given. We did not win for the fastest bin, we took home an award, but not for the best design. Me and my two sisters won the Bin Boat ‘Bimbo’ Award. It was a lovely trophy made from a Barbie doll. Thanks Oroville Chamber of Commerce!

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7 Responses to Groundhog Day is Weird but not THAT Weird.

  1. Not much of a festival, but January 31st was National Gorilla Suit Day. You can thank the fine geniuses at MAD Magazine for that holiday.

  2. kristiane says:

    I missed it???!!!…suumbitch.

  3. I left reminders on my site…It was my January 29th entry!

  4. Stephanie says:

    National Talk Like A Pirate Day started in Seattle. We’re so proud.

  5. kristiane says:

    as you should be….that’s a really great day.

  6. Amy says:

    So fitting that Thee Parkside, Home of St. Stupid’s Day, is on the corner of Wisconsin St. in San Fran.

    We have weird celebrations as excuses to drink all the time down here. My favorite one is named Monday. It happens on the first weeknight of every week.

  7. kristiane says:

    Yeah, I hear WI is like that 😉

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