Cabin Fever

I am suffering.

The End.

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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4 Responses to Cabin Fever

  1. essaytch says:

    Assuming the title of your post means what it implies, then I can ABSOLUTELY relate. So I’ll tell you what saved me recently: a text marathon w/ someone having a much more fabulous time than I. It worked better than the best over-the-counter medicine.

    Or therapy.

  2. Michael says:

    I am suffering as well. Hope my company helps.

  3. Amy says:

    But every day we gain two minutes of sunlight! TWO WHOLE MINUTES!!!

  4. essaytch says:

    Amy–I know! The other day, I left work at 5 and it was still light out! Only for about 30 seconds, then it was dark as hell again. But still… We’re getting there!

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