The Most Comprehensive Tropic Thunder Review Out There

I am lying. I don’t think anything I am about to write could be considered a spoiler, but if it is, whoops.

I saw a preview for this months ago, thought it might be funny. I knew Ben Stiller was in it, I am an unenthusiastic fan of his. He’s really funny, not the best. I had no clue that Robert Downey Jr. was in it, and I swear if they had not shown him prior to his “transformation” I would not have known it was him. Also, Tom Cruise. I leaned over halfway through the film and said, “Is that Tom Cruise?” I was assured the chunky man with the hairy chest was Jerry Maguire in disguise.

Back to RDJ: You were my favorite part in this movie. You are welcome.

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13 Responses to The Most Comprehensive Tropic Thunder Review Out There

  1. tg says:

    Just remember…never go full retard.

    That is all.

  2. tg says:

    Wait, no, I’m wrong, that is not all. Also…

    Everyone is all goo-goo eyed over Heath Ledger, but RDJ deserves a Best Actor nomination for this movie. I am completey serious.

    “I don’t read the script. The script reads me.”

  3. herculesrob says:

    “I’m a lead farmer mother fucker!”

    Haha… Robert Downey Jr. definitely stole the show from notable funny men Ben Stiller and Jack Black. But going as far as saying he deserves a best actor nomination… that’s not going to happen. It’s a solid performance and probably the best of any comedy this year, but it’s still not an Academy Award performance. Oh yeah, Tom Cruise as the F-bombing studio executive was hysterical.

  4. kristiane says:

    tg- I can see a nomination, that would be great.

  5. Galileo says:

    “I don’t drop character until I record the DVD Commentary.”

    Also, did not realize it was Cruise until the credits rolled. I was in awe.

    Hey, kb, I’ve written a Tropic Thunder Review too! Just clicky the namey and see it. 🙂

  6. dohopoki says:

    I might rent it when it comes out on DVD. Or borrow it, that’d be even better.

  7. JoshC says:

    I saw the trailer for this before the Dark Knight, looks pretty good.
    I saw Stepbrothers last night.
    What can I say about Stepbrothers…umm..Like all the rest of his movies, this too is a Will Ferrell movie.
    Thats the best I have.

  8. essaytch says:

    But was it good? Cause I’ve been peeing my pants over the trailer since it was released…

    Is it worth a trip to the theatre, or wait to rent it?

  9. kristiane says:

    It was. It was good. It was not overall great, but there were parts and certain people that were great. I am being vague so you should just go see it.

  10. bc3263827 says:

    I was going to go see the Star Wars film next, now I am conflicted… maybe I should see tropic thunder instead, I have heard mixed reviews about the Star Wars film.

  11. dailytri says:

    I’ve heard this is one incredibly bad movie. Maybe it’s just me, but Stiller’s humor is about as old as my right toenail and equally as smelly.

  12. kristiane says:

    It’s really not incredibly bad. It’s as good as it can be, based on the concept. Or so I think.

  13. squee4242 says:

    I was on the fence about this, but I’m starting to lean toward putting it in the “wait for HBO” category. I did kinda want to see it, because I like Robert Downey Jr. and I missed Iron Man, but I’m really less than fond of Ben Stiller. I’ve read a bunch of reviews now including Galileo’s, and I think I’d probably enjoy seeing Pineapple Express again more. It does sound pretty good though.

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