Journey to The Center of the Earth 3D

Yesterday was a typical muggy mess, so The Max and I climbed into our A/C-less car and headed to our local multiplex in search of entertainment in the cold air. I gave him his choice of films; JTTCOTE3D or Space Chimps. In my head I was pleading “Please please please…DON’T PICK SPACE CHIMPS!” Luckily, he read my mind. It was not until we got to the theater that I found out that the movie was in 3D. I did not know anything about the movie. I was even surprised when I found out that Brendan Frasier was in it. With this and the new Mummy film, he is certainly going to make a comeback which should finally merit Encino Man 2: Back to the Stone Age. I also found out that it was rated PG-13. Whoops! Max is six, and I am pretty strict about not letting him see films rated higher than PG, but I went for it anyway.

It was actually alright. I don’t expect any Oscars, but I was entertained, and Max loved it. I was puzzled by the rating. There was no language, no nudity full or partial, and though some of the images were kinda scary, it was not gory even slightly.

What I was most happy about was the 3D-ness of it. I have decided that in order for a theater to earn my movie in the future, i am going to try and make it only to movies that have some sort of gimmick such as that. If it is not in 3D, or at the IMAX, or if they don’t pump out scents to match the scenes on the screen, I think I will stay home. Exception: John Cusack. Just so long as they keep make-uping the wrinkles forming on his forty-something face, I will happily see all his movies.

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8 Responses to Journey to The Center of the Earth 3D

  1. Duman says:

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  2. Dan says:

    I’ve been meaning to check this one out but I haven’t yet. How were the 3-D effects? Were they cheesy or semi-believable? I love the pic of the two of you with the glasses though, looks like your having fun!

  3. I love the pic …

    I also have to admit to a John Cusack crush. What is it about him?!

  4. Saint says:

    My son is 9 and he really enjoyed JTTCOTE3D. I thought the movie was pretty good, but they could have done more with the 3D. I also didn’t see any reason for the PG-13 rating, it seemed pretty tame.

    As a guy, I wont claim a crush on John Cusack, but he is great. My teenage years were made better by Better Off Dead, The Sure Thing, and One Crazy Summer. Okay…slight mancrush…

  5. Billy says:

    Were you kidding about Encino Man 2? Because I could really use another Encino Man. I’m not kidding.

    Love the pic. 🙂

  6. Hazard says:

    I still haven’t ever seen a 3D movie in my life, and I’m 16. I really want to though.

    Oh, and click on my name.

    Or here……

  7. JoshC says:

    I too need to see this, solely for the 3-Dness of it

  8. Pete says:

    I wish people wouldn’t see 3D as a “gimmick”. Now that we have it in totally discreet digital (no bleed-through on either side), it should be treated with respect and as the significant innovation that it is. I wish ALL movies were in 3D – with or without the show-off tricks. J2tCotE is a good (not great) movie but totally enjoyable and it was good that they got most of the 3D tricks (spitting into the camera, tape measure stuck right in your face etc.) out of the way early on in the peace. The depth of the 3D format is perfect for this film because it allows the viewer to be consumed by the enormity of the “world below”.

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