Porter Sculpture Park

I am gone now. I am going to stop numbering each day. I am going to do this because, today, I took enough pictures for ten or so days of blogs. Today, I am going to share the pics I took at Porter Sculpture Park in Nameless Place, South Dakota. This attraction should have just been called, “Pilver Heaven”. It was amazing. I drove up to the site and off in the distance I saw acres and acres of enormous metal statues. The man Mr. Porter himself was sitting at the entrance collecting six dollars per person as an entry fee. It was well worth it.

Serously, there a million more, just from this one place. I will end with a picture of a bull’s head that is 60 feet tall. I did not want to get to close because Mr. Porter mentioned there was a family of bats living inside.

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5 Responses to Porter Sculpture Park

  1. DJ D says:

    Wow, am I the first to comment on this? Sounds like you’re having yourself a pretty good time there. I’ll be hanging out here a little more often. I’ve been reading some of the former posts and I’m digging it. No wonder Bill recommends you so much. Have fun on your trip!

  2. Billy says:

    I need to go there. No, no…I have to go there. I’m on a quest. Why does this remind me of the movie Peewee’s Big Adventure and The Wiz?

  3. Dan says:

    Mr. Porter may be a heck of a sculptor but his spelling is terrible! That aside though I do like the giant fish bowl sculpturem but the giant head with the hand sticking out of the top….kinda creepy!

  4. JoshC says:

    wow, see this is why I need to drive cross-country someday, you see the neatest things.
    I love the one with the crutch.

  5. tony says:

    i love the oics of the park awesome i hope i get to see it in person

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