Karate Kid

I am having a bad day worsened by my overreactions to the bad day. So, instead of boring you with that I am going to post a poor quality video that I took last night at my son’s spring program for day care. Enjoy!

Yes, very poor quality. he was demonstrating his karate moves that he told his teacher he had learned from “the ninja turtle with the purple bandanna.”

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5 Responses to Karate Kid

  1. dohopoki says:

    That was awesome. When we’d play TMNT as kids, we mostly hula hooped with green hula hoops and just kept repeating that TMNT and green were cool things.

    Was this in a church?

  2. DJ D says:

    That was really cool. I especially like his little jump at the end. That was pretty badass. Yeah, I think TMNT have been the inspiration for many a fit of willy-nilly punches through the years. I’m speaking from prsonal experience of course.

  3. JoshC says:

    This takes me back..
    When I was a kid and TMNT was massive my friends and I all took karate classes just so we could do as the Toitles do.

  4. squee4242 says:

    Awesome! Totally love the jump move at the end. Turtle power to the Max 😉

  5. Bell says:

    you have to get that in better quality next time! I am crying from the laughter!

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