Are You Ready(brush)?

Today I took a drive down to Mankato to pick up my cousin who is attending Minnesota State. The dear is doing some babysitting for me over the weekend and needed a ride as she does not have a car on campus. It’s about an hour and a half drive, not long enough to make stops, but without stops, why would anyone go on road trips of any length whatsoever?

On my way down I found a gas station selling gas at about 24 cents cheaper than I had seen anywhere else in the past week, so I stopped to top off my tank. As I was paying I noticed there was a new product on the shelf and this new product was calling out to me.


It’s a toothbrush, with crusty old toothpaste already in the bristles. Suggested uses: before date, traveling, after meals, after cocktails, school, camp. If you are going to “before date” someone, don’t you think you would have thought about your teeth already? Do you really need to stop by the gas station and get a ready brush? And if you did, why would you not buy the 99 cent toothbrush and the 99 cent toothpaste that you can re-use as opposed to this 2.99 invention? But I bought it anyhow. I never know when I might randomly have cocktails and then need to make out. I hope someday in the near future there will be a terrific commercial on TV for this product.

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18 Responses to Are You Ready(brush)?

  1. kittymao says:

    you simply HAVE to tell us whne you use this. I wanna know how it works. I bet it’s like that ancient-ass gum Matt always winds up getting.

  2. kristiane says:

    I should. I could even whip out the digital video cam and creep you all out.

  3. essaytch says:

    That is disgusting. *gags*

  4. dohopoki says:

    I shaved in high school a few times but never brushed my teeth.

  5. What’s next? A pre-lubed dildo???

    Happy weekend, KB.


  6. kristiane says:

    doho- what the heck?
    Laurie- yes only you would think of that 🙂

  7. KB,

    I know..I’m filthy, vile and disgusting.

    I’d marry me.

  8. Michael says:

    Remember those brush strips that crest had a while back and ran commercials for like 2 months…and the product just totally disappeared?

    That link says oral-b, but I was certain it was crest. They had this very broadway-esque commercial with everyone dancing and slipping on what I’ve heard described as “toothpaste-infused finger condoms” to brush their teeth with.

    I always wondered what happened to those things. I guess it has been reincarnated as the Ready Brush.

  9. Michael says:

    I found someone who blogged about those brush strips! (and they mention the commercial!)

  10. Billy says:

    I worked with a guy one time that always had a toothbrush in his pocket. No matter where he was, he was always on the ready. I carry floss and gum.

  11. kristiane says:

    Yes, I do remember that Michael. What a weird thing.

  12. dailytri says:

    Americans are obsessed with oral hygiene (thank god), because the alternative to good oral hygiene is just simply disgusting.

  13. dohopoki says:

    What I meant was, I shaved at school a couple times when I was late waking up but I never actually took a toothbrush to school.

  14. kittymao says:

    Oh, Ok Doho- I just assumed you NEVER brushed your teeth.
    I’ve usually got gum on me, but have contemplated the idea of toting a toofiebrush. Interesting that this came up when it did.

  15. Kris says:

    Last year, during my road trip to MN, I stopped at every gas station I could find. You guys have the weirdest stuff. And I love it. I’m planning a return trip to Minneapolis sometime later this year.

  16. Greg says:

    This would be perfect for camping on the beach. If I can find these I’m going to clear the shelf and buy every one of them.

  17. Nancy says:

    Just love those ReadyBrush. If you buy them at Walgreen’s they are only $4.99 for 7 brushes. And they are reusable, great American brushes!
    I take them everywhere.

  18. Nancy says:

    Just love those ReadyBrush. If you buy them at Walgreen’s they are only $4.99 for 7 brushes. And they are reusable, great American brushes!
    I take them everywhere. Just go to and type in ReadyBrush…you can buy a box for great!

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