Here is a list of the things I should have done this week. Instead I am renting John Cusack movies on cable:
1. Filed Taxes
I have found out that I get a chunk of your money that you paid in this year. Thanks! Think of me on vacation when you sign the check.

2. Email to my job
We were invited to anonymously email complaints, I had it all in my head ready to say. It’s still in my head.

3. Eight million hours of homework
Though technically I am on spring break.

4. Nine million hours of housework
My closet is now reminiscent of those in cartoons where they are filled to the top

5. Blogging
I don’t have to do this but it is usually what I do when I procrastinate.

5. Using new numbers.
I wish I were funny.

6. Getting an oil change
It’s been 5,000 miles, I am usually so good about that.

7. Reading the 3 books on top of the messy table that I ought to throw in the garbage (the table, not the books) but it has been sitting there waiting to be thrown since the day I moved in here.

I am going to go take a picture of the table to shame myself publicly…maybe it’ll motivate me.


There you have it. This post is evidence that my brain has been emptied.

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killing spiders with my laser eyes.
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6 Responses to meh…bleh…urgh

  1. tg says:

    I LOVE that “Naked” is the top book in the pile. That will definitely get a few of your readers wondering about you…

  2. tony says:

    your funnier than you realize

  3. Billy says:

    I can totally relate to this post. I have been so horrible at keeping up with my blogroll and posts that I don’t even finish my

  4. kristiane says:

    nice Billy. And as you still are listed as Billy, i will call you that until you switch it to Will.

  5. dailytri says:

    I need to do a brain dump some time soon. Meanwhile, what are you askin’ for that table?

  6. kristiane says:

    dude. it’s yours. it is a restaurant pub table and is quite sturdy and in great shape, I just have no need for the thing.

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