Lazy Saturday

This is the first weekend in quite some time that I have to be nowhere and do nothing. I am enjoying it so far. Today I woke up and checked the weather, it was an amazing 27 degrees outside. I decided to get a start on the website I must build for one of my classes this semester. The entire semester is this one project. I was so excited when I found out about this class and that I could do whatever I wanted as a project. I mean, this is something I do and have done for fun in the past. The site I am starting is going to be offbeat tourist attractions in the state of Minnesota. Every state has these weird things, and Minnesota has more than enough to write the required 5000-6000 words needed.
I spent a few hours driving around the Twin Cities collecting photos of these places. The weather was ugly and the colors are not great because of that, but here are a few of the things we saw:


A huge green lawn chair with max posed on the edge to demonstrate it’s enormity. This sits in a park in St. Paul on the bank of the Mississippi River with no explanation for why it is there. I would like to know some back story or something.


Here is the World’s Largest Stucco Snowman. This leads me to believe that there is a larger snowman out there somewhere that is not made of stucco, but maybe glass, or aluminum. I like saying aluminum.


Finally, the Mary Tyler Moore statue on Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. She is meant to be outside of Dayton’s Dept. Store. But then Marshall Fields bought Dayton’s. And then macy’s bought Marshall Fields. Dude, macy’s…you have New York. Isn’t that enough? Yes, i am one of the bitter ones that misses Santa Bear. (If you are not from the area you have no idea what I am talking about)

I got the idea for the project I am doing based on that I spent a few weeks last summer driving across the country too broke to see anything that cost money, so we went to places like this. If I had my way, I would make a living criss crossing the country writing up reviews on every world’s largest and or wackiest sites on every highway. Dreaming of it is fun too.

Now I am going to spend the night doing homework and reading. I am very excited. Happy Weekend!

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9 Responses to Lazy Saturday

  1. leafless says:

    Sounds like an interesting sight-seeing trip. I look forward to seeing how the site turns out.

  2. kristiane says:

    Thanks. It should be fun.

  3. tony says:

    wow how exciting and cool that your doing this i used to live behind that chair and i remember when it was put in no one in the neighborhood new why it was put in either it was as if it feel from outerspace .Thinking about it now leads my mind to think that it was left there by giants from another planet that need place to stop and sit perhaps have a smoke as the contemplate our usless need to destroy thus plannet . Or perhaps if the giant snowman had been given legs man the places the mind could go with this . I’m glad your excited you glow when your excited .

  4. essaytch says:

    Fun times! I love quirky things like that…remember the Freemont Troll? Still one of my fave spots in Seattle. I too like to say “aluminum”. Do you know the Brits pronounce it “al-oo-min-ee-yum”? They also say things like “jag-yoo-war” instead of Jaguar. Man, the Brits have all the fun. Cheerioh!

  5. kristiane says:

    Tony- I prefer the giant story.

    essaytch- Yes, the troll. I did go there last summer as well. I actually did a project comparing that to the sphinx on year in college.

  6. Billy says:

    I need to take a trip up there. Then you can show me all these cool, wacky things! i am a sucker for large chairs.

  7. kristiane says:

    Yes, Billy. Minnesota will love you.

  8. Amy (FKA MaryJane) says:

    Is it dumb that I’ve never been to Minnesota? Oh wait, I have. When my sister went to Lacrosse, we drove over the bridge and right back. Just because I’d never been there. I think it was kinda ghettoish at the end of the bridge, so we didnt stop. Crap, I’ve been to Anoka once too…forgot about that. I didn’t see anything cool there though.

    Okay, so my whole point is destroyed. I did want to say that you may have Mary Tyler Moore, but we are getting FONZIE.

  9. Bob says:

    GREAT PICTURE! If you get a chance check out my book that discusses large snowmen.

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