I took my son to the doctors last week. Remember when I was whining about that?

Well. It went fine. He is x inches tall and weighs x pounds. I have no idea what the numbers are. They are on the sheet of paper that the nurse gave me when I left. But, he is perfectly healthy.

One thing that the doctor said during the 42 seconds that he was in the room for was this: “So, he’s a short guy huh? You worried about that?”




Assuming the doctor was not blind and he could see me standing two feet in front of him (all five foot two and a half inches of me) that question seemed, well, stupid.

Is there medication one should take for shortness or something? Is there a support group we can join? Are you a real doctor?
I suppose the issue of height effects boys more than it does girls, but still. He could have at least said something so braindead to me alone and not in front of Max. So, instead I told him that the tallest person of his parents, grandparents and great grandparents is five foot nine and it’s just the burden we must carry.

Still, someday Max is going to pass me up in height. Then hopefully he will feel like a giant. 😉

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3 Responses to Quack

  1. Billy says:

    What kind of doctor says that? I swear, over the past 29 years of life I have never met a doctor I really thought to be a great person. Dentist, yes. Doctors….not so much. I think they have an artistic license to be as impersonal as possible at times.

    Max will be fine, I’m sure of it.

  2. dailytri says:

    Dumb ass doctor! It’s a shame when 90% of the stuff they say you can’t understand because it’s medical jargon and the other 10% is just them being insensitive idiots.

  3. kristiane says:

    Yes. It is difficult to find a doctor that does much more than race from room to room at top speed and never actually spend time with the patient.
    Billy- I agree, you always here about dentists being so loathed and having a high rate of suicide, but I have found that many are more friendly than alot of other professions. My most recent dentist had a mouth that would make a sailor blush usually while there was a drill in my mouth. It scared me to death at first, but after awhile I realized that was him being him. He also (unsuccessfully) tried to make a Heroes fan out of me.

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