Uncle Henry

Over Christmas I hung out with my parents quite a bit. My dad was talking about how his cousin had done a lineage study on their family and how he found out that we may not be as Irish as we thought we were, but more Welsh. And, in our line of ancestors we have a famous man named Henry Morgan.


Yeah no knowledge of that guy. But my dad then explained that he was not just Henry, he was also Captain…


Captain Morgan!

I now have a useless fact with which to annoy the bartender. I really don’t know his actual relation to myself, but I think I will refer to him as Uncle Henry.

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7 Responses to Uncle Henry

  1. essaytch says:

    I definitely think this qualifies you for free drinks anytime you order something with Captain Morgan in it. I would totally try that…see what happens!

    I found out recently that I’m related to Mary Shelley (of “Frankenstein” fame). She ran off with a married older man at 16, and at 19 wrote a book about a monster made from re-animated body parts that goes on a killing spree to punish his maker. Why couldn’t I have been related to someone awesome, like Samuel Adams or Jack Daniels, Mr. Stoli or Mr. Grey Goose. Then I’d be set….

  2. tg says:

    I kind of hope you don’t get free drinks for being related to the Captain…I will never be sober again.

    That second picture of him looks SLIGHTLY cooler than the first one.

  3. Thom says:

    So, now, when someone asks you if you have a ‘little of the Captain in you,’ you can say, “well, yeah, actually I do”.

  4. mklasing says:

    As a wine drinker I really hope I’m related to someone named “Opus One.”

  5. Michael says:

    a descendent of Captain Morgan!? wow…i don’t know why i think that’s awesome but i do.

    and Essaytch??

    are you serious? I’d be so stoked…Frankenstein is one of the reasons why I’m an English major. Mary Shelley and the crew she rolled with (shelley, lord byron, etc) were pretty cool…even if they were pretty weird too…(I’m a fan of the Romantics)

  6. essaytch says:

    Michael…hmmm. I suppose I am “proud” (I’m a HUGE lit fan myself). But let’s face it, Mrs. Shelley can’t get me free alcohol…so Kristiane’s got one up on me in that sense. *sigh*

  7. We are cousins. I too am of Welsh extraction. And yes, I look like Sean Connery, too which is not the best thing for a chick.

    Happy New Year, Miss Kris!


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