email :

AIM: pilverkb

MySpace: thepilver

Place to mail me billions of dollars: well, first you must photo yourself in a clown costume while holding said billions, and then send my a Polaroid of this and then we’ll talk

I think that’s it.

4 Responses to Contact

  1. Erik says:

    Deep fried pickles and LSD……very bad idea

  2. monika says:

    ste jacksonovci skvely

  3. Anonymous says:

    the picture of the unusual flower that you posted, is a lantana flower

  4. Scott Thomas says:

    Thanks for taking a moment. I wanted to personally reach out to you because Im interested in partnering my company with Id like to chat about how I can increase your business bottom line.

    Please respond yes to this email with your best phone number if you can handle new customers and Ill give you a quick call to set something up

    Thanks for your time, talk to you soon.

    Scott Thomas

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